MyFO is looking for our first engineer, we want to add a Full Stack Software Engineer to our team. Someone who understands the science of developing a secure product and the art of the user experience. The MyFO customer experience and software responsiveness will be in your hands, you will need to be organized and detail oriented to ensure the product works as intended.


  • Create high quality, efficient React Components and tests, following best practices
  • Design and implement high-quality, test-driven BE code for various client projects using Node.js
  • Create and maintain build and deployment pipelines in AWS, AWS Amplify Cognito, Amazon Cognito, AWS KMS, AWS IAM, AWS S3, AWS Aurora , AWS API Gateway, AWS Cloudfront
  • Create and maintain efficient and well-organized project structures, following DRY principles
  • Design and implement design-driven APIs.
  • Work collaboratively with team members to ensure deadlines are met
  • Bring ideas to the table to ensure we produce the best solutions for the project


  • Minimum 3+ years of professional experience using JavaScript in both front-end and back-end contexts
  • Expertise in React.js, general Javascript code design patterns and data structures
  • Expertise in using Express or another major JavaScript backend framework (ie, Koa).
  • Hand-on experience with unit-tests, integration tests implementation, mocking.
  • Experience with scalable web application design patterns and micro services architecture principles.
  • Solid understanding of the Agile development practices and the software development lifecycle.
  • Expertise in modern Web Application best practices
  • Experience using JavaScript unit testing frameworks, such as Jest
  • Experience using SQL and NoSQL databases (Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB)
  • Experience with building & consuming GraphQL services


  • Ability to work independently in an agile environment
  • A keen attention to detail
  • Top-notch communication skills
  • The resilience to work in a flexible environment.
  • Highly collaborative; team player


  • Infrastructure / DevOps experience (continuous integration setup, deploying and running applications in a test and production environment etc.)
  • Experience with other JS frameworks and Libraries (ie, VueJS, Angular, Svelte)
  • Experience with CSS-in-JS libraries (ie, styled-components, emotion)
  • Experience with Redux and side effect frameworks (Saga, thunk)
  • Experience with Next.js applications - server rendered, static site generation, and hybrid
  • Working knowledge with using Serverless framework


MyFO is the first technology platform to democratize family office management. Curated guidance and personalized workflows to help you securely manage all the important information pertaining to your family office.